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What is SatoshiCoin?

SatoshiCoin is built on the concept of Bitcoin and that is “Bitcoin for Common man”. It is a cryptocurrency that support the original Bitcoin and hence can be converted to BTC every time. Like Bitcoin, SatoshiCoin is peer-to-peer Internet currency, enables anyone to send payments instantly at near-zero cost throughout the world. Fully decentralized payment network without any central authorities and unlike many other newly emerging altcoins;  not under influenced of Governments of any country. The technology behind SatoshiCoin is Blockchain that secures the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances. SatoshiCoin features faster transaction, confirmation times and improved storage efficiency than any other leading blockchain-based crypto currency.

Why SatoshiCoin?

Due to immense popularity of Bitcoin, more and more developers are trying to own it and fork it for their own benefits. They come up with their so called faster, secure and reliable Coin with the aim to replace Bitcoin in future and manipulate the market in their own interest. Moreover we have made Bitcoin as decentralized digital currency; countries and governments trying to bring it under their control by forking bitcoin, accepting and promoting the new clone. They then imposed certain regulations on the forked versions of Bitcoin in an attempt to make it centralized. This results in clashes between governments and stack holders which have negative impact on the image of Bitcoin in general public.

The Primary focus of SatoshiCoin is to deal with these issues and monopolies. SatoshiCoin Team has taken step and create a smaller version of the original bitcoin which will operate and run separately from Bitcoin. We are going to restore the vision of Bitcoin and that is “Bitcoin for common man”. Bitcoin is growing exponentially and now is out of range of a common man. SatoshiCoin will make the BTC accessible, available and affordable for everyone in the world, not only rich miners.

What’s New in SatoshiCoin?

See exciting  features of SatoshiCoin

More Number of Coins

50 million SatoshiCoins to be mine rather then 21 million BTC


Fast Transaction

Take less time to send and receive payment worldwide

Low TX Fee

0.1 STOC depending on your amount